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You can book Venice's the best classical music concerts right from our Reception Desk. We also offer an exciting guided tour to the island of Murano with its glassworks, to the enchanting and colorful islands of Burano and Torcello. For those, however, wanting to see Venice from the sky, it is possible to organize a breath-taking flight in a helicopter with lift-off from the Nicelli Airport in Lido. If you're wanting to fully appreciate the wonders of the landscape that the island of Lido offers - another more original way to visit it is to rent a scooter.
Our Reception staff is always available to offer any type of useful information, suggestions and advice for best using the time you dedicate to your stay on our amazing island. Astronomy lovers, don't miss the Planetarium just a few steps from the hotel, along the same shore, open to the public from October to May. One of the largest by size and characteristics, the Lido Planetarium is unique. A discreet projector in the center with seats surrounding it, a huge dome over your head: the representation is always extremely realistic for everyone, the illusion of finding yourself outside under the sky, star gazing during a cloudless night, it's perfect.

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